Monday, April 8, 2019

The National Association for the Education of Young Children Essay Example for Free

The discipline Association for the Education of Young Children EssayThe elementary school teacher decided to integrate information and writing into geometry lessons to improve the scores of students. In particular, the students had to use the names of geometric objects as well as their other attributes to write the poems. The experiment has shown a significant improvement in geometry scores. Making children more twisty with the task at hand and making tasks more arouse were the main reasons for improvement in scores. The reservoir confirmed my personal belief that the children will only learn school subjects better if they are personally involved with them on some level. In this scenario, they liked writing poems because they thought the poems were fun. They gladly extended their fellowship of geometry to use it in their poems.However, geometry is a difficult subject to learn for many people, not just children. I suspect the main reason is because it seems to be boring. B y making geometry fun, we can easily enhance our information and make our development sessions more productive. Having been a student myself for many years, I agree with the author that the first priority in learning should be placed on getting a person to be more involved with the task. The best way to do it is to make the task interesting.The author proves that even the or so boring school subjects can become suddenly interesting if we will tie them to some interesting activity. This experiment sheds some light on how effective learning occurs. It seems as if the most effective learning takes place when we experiment with different ways of looking at things, and we try to extend our observations beyond what we commonly see. This article plays a very important role in understanding the learning process in our brains.

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