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The Backscatter X-Ray Essay Example for Free

The Backscatter X-Ray EssayThe disperse X-ray is the correct pickax when comp atomic number 18d to traditional X-rays or coat detectors. On December 27, 2006, the author, Thomas Frank,whom is the aviation security correspondant for the States Today, wrote, X-ray Tests Both Security, Privacy, and made valid points concerning the fear of radiation, how easily it finds metal guns and knives, and the provacy issue that surrounds X-ray engine room (5). Throughout this essay Thomas Frank was able to write about the facts surrounding X-rays and keep hs intuitive feeling out of the article therefore giving his readers the chance to form their own belief. This essay was written to psychoanalyze which belief to choose. Should the commonplace be against the backscatter X-ray because of radiation exposure or is gumshoe against terrorists the let on option? The fear of over-exposure to radiation is laughable at best. Its like beingness out in the insolate for 15 to 20 minutes (5). Being out in the sun can in candor be a good thing. Through sunlight the body absorbs vitamin D which is engageed for strong swot and teeth. Everyone gets sun exposure on an everyday basis. Its not a bad thing to gestate a little sun. Take people whom use artificial light to tan.A waiver must be signed before exposing the body to the light. This waiver states that skin cancer may occur with use center damage is possible with exposure. Tanners sign this form without another thought because artificial light is the same as being out in the sun. A waiver is not availabe for people to sign at the airport. wherefore is this? Is it because radiation damage is higher with artificial light thereby being higher with sunlight versus the backscatter X-ray? If so, should the public stay inside their house and avoid sunlight at all embody? They are foolproof when it comes to finding metal guns and metal knives (6). Clark Kent Ervin whom is the former Homeland Security Department tester s aid during the interview. He stated, screeners repeatedly missed hidden weapons (6). If screeners are missing hidden weapons wouldnt the obvious choice be to use the backscatter X-ray? Isnt the publics safety more important? Our airport security has already been compromised once with September 11. If there is anything that can prevent that from happening again then it should be done. Our safety is top priority.Backscatter X-rays dont show anything on the body deemed indecent. It altogether shows whats carried on the body. People really need to understand that the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is putting in place technologythat does in fact do a digital strip bet and stores those images at least temporarily, said Marc Rotenberg of the Electronic Privacy reading Center (5). Temporarily is the key. Whom cares about a picture being taken as long as its temporary? Its not as if the image is going to be stored forever and displayed worldwide. The TSA, however, says the i mages are cartoonlike sketches that show only outlines of each passenger and are never stored (5). The images arent stored so the public doesnt need to worry about the images being released. Cartoonlike sketches means that its not even a real human body. It doesnt look like a psyche at all. Its just an outline that looks cartoonlike at that. Theres nothing wrong with cartoons. I grew up watching them as a child as did many others. $100,000 backscatter machine finds many weapons missed by screeners and metal detectors (6).Finding weapons as soon as possible can be the difference between look and death. A machine that finds weapons more often than not should be used in place of a machine that is likely to miss. Although the backscatter X-ray is not going to catch everything that it scans it go out sop up it harder for terrorists to vacate weapons on a plane. The object is not to prevent everything that can conceivably happen, he said, the object is to make it difficult (6). The f act claim the author is making is supported by the examples given in the article. both(prenominal) examples include quotes from Marc Rotenberg and Frank Cerra. The warrant that connects the fact claim and support are digital strip search (5) and being out in thesun for 15 to 20 minutes (5). It seems these details were said to persuade the interviewer and readers of this article. individual would need 2,500 backscatter scans a year before reaching the limits of safe radiation exposure (5). These guidelines are provided by the National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements so therefore even frequent flyers will be protected from over-exposure to radiation.In closing, the authors fact claim of backscatter X-ry versus regular X-ray and metal detectors have been clearly stated. He went into detail giving both sides concerning radiation, worth, and privacy. Overall the essay was an effective argument that gave knowledge from both sides equally. With public safety a concern th e conflicts that arise concerning this matter should be of no importance. The public has a right to be protected no matter what it takes.

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