Monday, April 29, 2019

Research paper( Violent Games Are Contaminating Childrens Paper

( Violent Games argon Contaminating Childrens Personalities) - Research Paper ExampleThe games are designed in a manner that prang ups reality to the games and the moment one plays them it gives a natural feeling (Shaffer & Kipp, 2010). Initially, the games were developed for mere entertainment purpose scarcely over time the objective has shifted to include other aspects that are unfavorable to young children who are in general addicted to these games. For instance, the idiot box game Grand Theft Auto vice city is a mission-based video game that incorporated wrong vices such as violence, crime and prostitution. This indeed is wrong as the games instill wrong traits to the people who play them. But despite the negative vices that comes along the games they also have cocksure impacts on the gamers as they help them develop a high degree of judgment & problem settlement as the games provides them with dilemma situations where critical decision have to be made and which have grea t impacts on the overall progress of the game (Gunter, 1998 Child Development Institute, 2003).According to psychology, the personalities of human beings tend to vary and indeed different people will possess different personality traits depending on certain factors that have influenced the growth of that particular person (Gentile, 2003). Research conducted by Pennsylvania State University indicated that children who play video games are given up to be more hostile if they are less conscientious, less agreeable and easily angered (Shaffer & Kipp, 2010). This sort out of children is said to be the one that is negatively affected by playing video games. However despite impacting negatively on the said children violent games which are mainly mission based offer the players an probability to learn new skills especially rational and critical thinking skills that aid in solving mingled problems (Anderson, Gentile & Buckley, 2007). That notwithstanding, video games in general have al ways been associated with addiction as children and teenagers are perceived to be

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