Thursday, April 25, 2019

Marketing Plan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 2

Marketing Plan - Essay display caseBecause of this low-key marketing concept with both competing beer products, Drifter can outperform both using conception with localized and broad niche marketing both in the Oregon region and across the skirt states. Neither Blue Moon or Sierra Nevada have a solid positioning system among other low-cost and higher-cost competing beer products, therefore in terms of positioning, options be virtually endless. For the sake of perceptual purpose and to monitor marketing activities, especially in areas of promotion, Drifter Beer will be positioned in terms of facial expression and benefit to the customer, with less focus on pricing structure. Consumer attitudes, on the perceptual map, are noted for apiece competing brand in relation to pricing and quality.Drifter Beer is working amid a highly competitive environment where lower-cost beer products and the main competition (Blue Moon and Sierra Nevada) saturated the convenience and grocery market s. It works among competing brands where ongoing promotional activities bring higher brand exposure, much(prenominal) as with brands like Coors Light that hosts different sporting events such(prenominal) as the Urban Flats Classic Kickoff Celebration in Orlando, Florida (Marketing Weekly News, 2009). Contests and sweepstakes are often lineament of their strategies for building better brand equity. Even though Drifters two main competitors are higher priced, more luxury-minded beer brands, sales will definitely be impacted by the buying behaviors of consumers in relation to their response to lower-cost beer brand selection marketing. Because of the current economic environment in the U.S. markets, major brands such as Miller, Pabst and Busch (also known as the economy brews) are experiencing higher sales volumes as people spot to lower-cost brands (Kesmodel, 2009). In order to drive any type of brand equity for Drifter, marketing must nominate the consumer believe that he needs t o defect to this upscale brand simply for the sake of

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