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Maxwell the Hero in Freak The Mighty Essay example -- Rodman Philbrick

In today's society there are lots of people that believe that dumb people can not accomplish anything in there whole life. From the book Freak the Mighty this point is proven wrong. Max and Kevin, are the two most important characters in Freak the Mighty, they can both be described as dynamic characters. Each of them goes through major changes that are revealed through their actions, and by what the author says about them. Maxwell embodies the archetype of the hero's journey. I will discuss this issue using the fact that he has a birth, a calling/journey, and a return. Maxwell has a birth from the archetype of the hero?s journey. Maxwell was born in Chivalry, Montana where his parents lived. At the age of four he saw his dad murder his mom and run away. From that day on, Maxwell lived with his grandparents. His grandparents always hated him and he was never loved since they saw him as the murderer?s son. So, Maxwell grew up alone and he lived in the basement of his grandparent?s home. His dad?s name was Killer Kane and he was told by everyone that both of his parents were dead. Although Maxwell lived with his grandparents he had no knowledge at all, he was very dumb, had no knowledge about anything, and he was really huge. Since everyone heard about his father Killer Kane, when Maxwell went to his school everyone thought he was mean just like his father but in reality he wouldn?t hurt a fly. Maxwell was also frequently sent to the principles office for not listening to the teacher when she was talking and for never paying attention. Maxwell has a calling/journey from the archetype of the hero?s journey. His calling was when he saw Freak all ways doing his work and never paying attention to anyone else accep... ...er saving his own and Iggy Lee?s life, Killer Kane was arrested. Maxwell has a return from the archetype of the hero?s journey. Maxwell returns by saving Iggy Lee?s life and his own. Maxwell gets all his love from his grandparents, because now they believe that he is not like his dad (Killer Kane). When Maxwell returns, his best friend was about to die, because his organs were getting to big for his body, but while he was dieing he gives Maxwell a empty book saying, ?Max please write all the adventures and everything we have done together, this will make me feel better?. So, Maxwell is a hero by doing many things for many people. He saved a person that got him kidnapped (Iggy Lee), he saved his best friend from many strangers (Kevin), and he achieved something in his life. So, from all the things he has done, I believe that Maxwell is a true hero.

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Michael Moore Capitailism a Love Story Review Essay

The film Capitalism: A Love Story is a documentary by Michael Moore which outlines the negative effects capitalism has on modern society. Moore points out that capitalism gives people the opportunity to make a lot of money and to have a high standard of living. However, for many workers, making an income to support a family can be quite impossible. At one time, you could find a secure job and live a good life, but capitalism has evolved into a system of greed where only the rich get richer, and the middle class get poorer with no chance to better themselves. This review will analyze the positive and negative impacts of capitalism shown in the film, as well as provide my comments as to why I enjoyed the film. Capitalism gives us the freedom to do what we want and to make what we want of ourselves. It gives one the opportunity to work as much or as little as one wants, and to have the ability to make more money than others. At one time, if you worked hard, you could make a lot of money, and you could purchase a house, cars and many material possessions for yourself and your family. One could argue that even today, with a good education and a secure job, one could enjoy the benefits of a good life. Thus, corporations provided jobs, infrastructure and security for its employees and subcontractors. However, corporations have evolved and will continue to evolve. In some cases, modern companies have evolved positively where they can profit and, at the same time, treat all employees including CEOs fairly. Some such businesses are run democratically by all the workers, who also own the company, because they have an equal say and vote in the running of the operation. These worker-owned companies, such as the bread company in California, provide a good income for all their workers. The employees share equally in the profits, and profit sharing is not dependent on the position one holds. One owner commented that the more hours one works toward the benefit of the company, the more one shares in the profit. Detrimentally, many corporations have evolved negatively where the CEOs are only concerned about filling their own personal pockets with increasing profits and not caring at all about the well-being of their employees. Michael Moore eagerly points out the negative impacts capitalism has on society. Capitalism no longer provides people with the long-term sustainability needed to support themselves and their families. A good example of this is when Moore speaks out about his hometown of Flint, Michigan, and the GM plant where most of the citizens worked. When the automotive company shut down, the workers lost their jobs, and they had nowhere to turn for money. Moore alluded the reason the plant shut down was for the CEOs’ benefit because they were trying to make more profit, while not giving a second thought for the welfare of the people of Flint. As a result, many families lost their homes, and Flint became an abandoned city. Capitalism does not care about the average person because it is a system where corporations compete for higher profits and more benefits for the rich CEOs. If the GM plant in Flint was planning to close, and there was any regard for its employees, why was there no effort made to retrain employees with skills needed for other jobs so that they could continue to support their families and debts? In fact, CEOs of large corporations lobby and influence government policies to permit special tax cuts and bonuses allowing corporate officials to make more money, and in return, greedy government officials also benefit by receiving corporate favours and benefits. Thus, Wall Street and government officials help fill each other’s bank accounts.

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Analysis Of The Novel Light Of August By William Faulkner

Spring Author Report: Joe Christmas William Faulkner s novel, Light in August, is set in his fictional town of Yoknapatawpha County, depicting the rural South in the early 1900’s. It is a novel about humanity where Faulkner uses his characters to establish the necessity for human connection. Joe Christmas, the main character, experiences a tragic journey toward self-identity. Faulkner uses the character of Joe Christmas to expose how conflict with society and oneself unchains a darkness. Joe Christmas is alienated from a young age after being dumped at an orphanage, where his unknown racial identity begins an inner turmoil. Joe is left in an orphanage with no sense of identity, and ignorant of his mixed ancestry. While in the†¦show more content†¦After leaving the orphanage, Christmas is thrown into a disturbed family that is void of connection and love. The family environment he is exposed to is one of fear and cruelty. He gains no acceptance on account of religious values. When Joe sins by lying to his father about what he did with the money he gained from selling a cow â€Å"[Mr. McEachern strikes] Joe with his fist† (Faulkner 164). Mr. McEachern beats Joe for sinning - lying - and uses religion as a justification of abuse, thus creating Christmas’s warped view of religion. This complex relationship with religion places Joe in conflict with the societal norm. In his critical essay on Light in August, B. R. McElderry Jr.t analyzes the role of religion in the novel, highlighting how it leads to the brutalities in the novel. Christmas is exposed to â€Å"a religion of dynamic hatred, intolerance, and frustration† (Gale McElderry). Mr. McEachern provides Joe Christmas with a religious outlook that is the antithesis of religion. This fuels Joe’s conflict with society by placing him in further isolation from the town. Christmas forges his first connection with a young prostitute named Bobbie Allen, where his first instance of violence is seen. He begins having sexual relations with her, and soon tells her that he â€Å"thinks [he has] some nigger blood in [him]† (Faulkner 196). She is the only person Christmas has a remotely personalShow MoreRelatedEssay on Modernism and New Criticism2997 Words   |  12 Pagesthrown out all their old traditions. It was now time to concentrate on the present. New Criticism directly reflects this new way of thinking by finding the meaning of literary texts based on the texts themselves. You look at what is- the poem, the novel- and find what it means. In Lois Tyson’s book, Critical Theory Today, he constructs one question to define New Criticism: â€Å"What single interpretation of the text best establishes its organic unity?† (134). The organic unity refers to theRead MoreEssay on A Study of Joe Christmas in Faulkners Light in August2560 Words   |  11 PagesChristmas in Light in August      Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   Joe Christmass eating disorder and antipathy to womens sexuality (or to the feminine) in Light in August also can be traced back to the primal scene in the dietitians room.   However, the primal scene is not the final piece of the puzzle in the novel.   The primal scene is already given as a working condition for a further analysis of Joes psychology.   Readers are first invited to interrelate the scene and Joes behavior in the rest of the novel.1   Yet drawingRead Moreshakespeare influences16068 Words   |  65 Pagesï » ¿ RESEARCH TOPIC An Analytic Review Of Shakespearean Influence On Faulkner s Tragedy RESEARCH QUESTION How Shakespeare tragic patterns influenced on William Faulkner s writings? NAME: SYEDA AMBREEN FATIMA FATHER’S NAME: SYED HASAN AKHTER SEAT NO: 1315793 ENROLMENT NO: 2013/ENG/M.A(LIT)/15681 DATE OF SUBMISSION: 28TH NOV 2013 SUBMITTED TO: MISS SAMREENRead More The Meaning of Heart of Darkness in the Post-Colonial Climate3726 Words   |  15 PagesThe Meaning of Heart of Darkness in the Post-Colonial Climate Since its publication in 1899, Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness has rarely been disputed on the basis of its literary merits; in fact, it was long seen as one of the great novels of the burgeoning modern era, a sort of bridge between the values and storytelling styles of the waning Victorian period and those of the modern era (Gatten), and regarded a high-ranking space amidst the great literature of the century, if not theRead MoreExploring Corporate Strategy - Case164366 Words   |  658 Pagesmain issues inï ¬â€šuencing the competitive position of a number of organisations in the same industry with a relatively short case. For a case that permits a more comprehensive industry analysis The Pharmaceutical Industry could be used. However, if the purpose is more focused – illustrating the use of ‘ï ¬ ve forces’ analysis – the TUI case study or Illustration 2.3 on The Steel Industry could be used. Some cases are written entirely from published sources but most have been prepared in cooperation withRead MoreStrategic Marketing Management337596 Words   |  1351 PagesStrategic and marketing analysis 2 Marketing auditing and the analysis of capability 2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4 2.5 2.6 2.7 Learning objectives Introduction Reviewing marketing effectiveness The role of SWOT analysis Competitive advantage and the value chain Conducting effective audits Summary 3 Segmental, productivity and ratio analysis 3.1 3.2 3.3 3.4 3.5 3.6 3.7 3.8 3.9 3.10 3.11 3.12 Learning objectives Introduction The clarification of cost categories Marketing cost analysis: aims and methods An illustration

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Effect Of Bilingualism On Cognition And Their Abilities Essay

The way a child develops can have many effects on their cognition and their abilities. One example of an effect on a child’s development is shown between the differences of bilinguals and monolinguals. When a child learns a second language, the mental abilities that adjust to that second language are flexible. The changes in the flexibility and the anatomical structure of a bilingual child’s brain are based on his/her neural plasticity. Which are eventually different from the change in the flexibitlity and the anatomical structure of a monolingual child. Although bilinguism exerts many effects on the developing brain, it still; however, conjures the idea of the causaulity of the differences and the anatomy differences compared to monoliguism. In forth of achieving this, many reserachers strive in studying the impact of bilinguism in one’s life by understanding the causaulity of the differences and the brain anatomy differences to that of monolinguism. Ellen Bialystok, Fergus I.M Craik, and Gigi Luk (2012) studied the impact of bilinguism in one’s life by explaining the effects of bilingualism on cognition and its mechanisms. Ellen et al. (2012) found that overall bilinguals exerted better executive control than monolinguals. One possibile mechanism of this difference was mainly due that bilinguals exerted usage of a joint activation. Meaning that, the bilinigual’s mind showed activation for both languageses and that there were an interaction between them, even whenShow MoreRelatedBilingualism Does Improve Brain Functioning919 Words   |  4 Pagescan deviate from the main language spoken, bilingualism does improve brain functioning, because your brain has to work harder to understand two languages simultaneously. This keeps the mind fresh, it requires the ability to switch from one language to another without losing detail of what topic is being spoken about, and it forces the brain to resolve internal conflict, which in turn works out the brain and strengthens its cognitive muscles. Bilingualism would definitely fall within the behaviorRead MoreBilingualism : A Culturally And Culturally Diverse Country Essay1413 Words   |  6 Pagescountry will be introduced to two or more languages from birth and will develop proficiency in these languages following their significant exposure to both. This is referred to as simultaneous bilingualism (American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, 2004). There are many misconceptions about simultaneous bilingualism that are believed to be persistent in society, even within professional groups including teachers, doctors and speech-language therapists (Hamers Blanc, 2000; King Fogle, 2006). ThisRead MoreMultidimensional Effects Of Bilingualism1117 Words   |  5 Pagesscientists to examine bilingualism, its effects on cognition, and the processes bilingual individuals have used to control the languages they speak, understand and comprehend (Luo et al., 2012; Yow Li, 2015). Research presented the controversies of bilingualism and focused on the difficulty identifying who is or is not bilingual (Bialystok, 2011). Researchers agreed that bilingualism comprised of multidimensional aspects. Further, multidimensional aspects of bilingualism caused certain negativeRead MoreDisadvantages Of Bilingualism1104 Words   |  5 Pagesother individuals that share the same language, and being able to express yourself in a beautiful way, while expanding different cultures. Although being bilingual is an advantage, it can also be a disadvantage according to The effects of bilingualism on childrens cognition. In the 2014 article, Kristina R. Olson states that speaking two different languages can be tough. Olson states that modern day citizens are encouraged to teach their children two or more languages, because of the statistics shownRead MoreBilingualism Is The Ability By Individuals1208 Words   |  5 PagesIntroduction Bilingualism is the ability by individuals to use two linguistic systems languages. Children acquire bilingualism in their early years when they are regularly exposed to adults who speak two different languages such as German and French or English and Spanish. Research shows that the majority of people in the world today are bilingual, or multilingual (those who comprehend more than two languages), compared to monolingual (individuals who have learned only one language). While manyRead MoreBilingualism and Multiliteracies in Australia Essay1323 Words   |  6 PagesThis essay will demonstrate the research that is implemented on children with bilingual ability; discussing three main issues in bilingualism which is: the maintaining children’s first language, social and cognitive benefits, also why bilingualism should be in cooperated into school programming/curriculum. Bilingualism can be defined as the ability to speak and/or write in two languages. In Australia English is the main language although in 1996, statistics show that 15% (2.5 million people) ofRead MoreBilingual Education : The Problems1695 Words   |  7 Pagesshying away from it. Overall, bilingual education will mostly be helpful. Many people say that bilingual education helps students, no matter what age, develop flexible minds (Christoffels, 2015). Christoffels conducted a study on the effects of bilingualism on cognition, mainly the flexibility of the mind (2015). Christoffels studied Dutch high school students, both students in a bilingual education setting and students in a formal education setting (2015). He chose to study students who started aRead Moreintend to expose in their studies how Educational Neuroscience can reshape educational policies and1500 Words   |  6 Pagesactivation. This findings implicate a new approach in teaching language and reading in that it shows the impact of bilingual language exposure in children’s ability to achieve linguistic mastery and fluency and reading. Garbing and company proposed that bilingualism has a positive effect on executive controls. Since little is known about the effects of using two languages on an everyday basis; they intended to correlate it to executive functions through task based fMRIs, in which monolingual and bilingualRead MoreHow Bilingualism Affects Cognition And Whether Or Not The Effects3756 Words   |  16 Pagesera of multiculturalism has arisen and with it has come the ability (or requirement) to learn more than one language, or in other words, becoming a bilingual or multilingual individual. However, with this new trend, controversy has arisen as to how this affects performance in terms of cognitive abilities. The purpose of this essay is to find out to how bilingualism affects cognition and whether or not the effects are positive. Cognitions is the term used to describe the process of knowing, reasoningRead MoreEssay on What Sets the Human Race Apart from Other Species830 Words   |  4 PagesWhat sets the human race apart from other species on Earth? The answer can be summed up in three words; cognition, language, and creativity. We have the ability to think and create. The human race communicates in a unique way. Imagination is a powerful thing. We can form mental images, and through perseverance and combining cognitive forces with others, we can make those images reality. No species can create on the scale that we can. Sure, a beaver can build a dam, and a spider its web; but on a

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Essay about The First World War - 917 Words

The First World War The First World War began as a spark and exploded into a merciless blood bath of money, power, and land. The little spark began in the mountainous Balkans of southeastern Europe where small state-sized nations argued back and forth. For hundreds of years many of these small nations were held under the gripping powers of Turkey, Russia, and Austria-Hungary. It started in the capital of Bosnia, Sarajevo. Bosnia was also a mini-nation of the Austria-Hungary Empire. On the day of June twenty-eight, 1914, the leader of Austria-Hungary and his wife were visiting the city. Shots rang out from a young Slavic nationalist heading for the two. They were both killed. This person lived in the neighboring nation of†¦show more content†¦This force England to enact its defense agreement with France and join the Allied powers. Among the allied powers when the war ended were Great Britain, Ireland, France, Portugal, Italy, Russia, Romania, Serbia, and Greece. In the opposing side t he Central powers were Germany, Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria, and Turkey. Other European nations stayed neutral. In America, people felt that the bloodshed of the civil war was enough to deal with and fifty years later with handling this war was too much. The optimistic Americans wanted to stay neutral. By staying neutral nations were to obey a new set of neutral rights. Any nations that were waged in war were allowed to stop and inspect neutral vessels at sea under international laws (which were not policed in any sort of way). This was in order to make sure that any ship was not the enemy under neutral flags. The warring nations were allowed to confiscate any materials such as weaponry, if found. German submarines were threatening these special rights called the freedom of the seas. President Wilson strictly warned if any American ship was hurt, they would pay. Germany killed numbers of people with their submarines and sank three American ships. This heeded for Wilson to ca ll upon the American people to make preparations in case there is war. On April second, 1917, President Wilson asked for a declaration of war against Germany. The world must be safe for democracy, he said, as he insisted the Americans toShow MoreRelatedThe First World War1809 Words   |  8 Pages The first world war was one of the most brutal and remorseless events in history; ‘the global conflict that defined a century’. Over nine million soldiers and a large amount of innocent civilians lost their lives. Empires crumbled, revolution engulfed Russia and America rose to become a dominant world power. Huge armies deployed new weapons of devastating effect from rifles and pistols to torpedoes and flame throwers. These weapons were used not only in the trenches but by tanks too. This was anRead MoreThe First World War : The Great War1600 Words   |  7 Pages The First World War sometimes referred to as the European War was more commonly referred to as the Great War. So much in the world was changed by this war, so it simply by most known as the Great War. â€Å"It is because no other war until then had had such an impact on the world. It was the first war to affect all of the major nations of Europe and the world. It took many lives and changed the lives of m illions more.† (Rivera, 2014) Some countries do not refer to the war as great because theyRead MoreDiscussing The First World War1432 Words   |  6 PagesWhen discussing the First World War, there are a myriad of topics, theories and debates that can be brought up, especially when its regarding to its breakout and and what lead to it. There are multiple direct and indirect causes that all are interconnected with one another, making it very difficult to just discuss about one topic without it overlapping with another completely different topic. One of the most unquestionable causes that lead to the outbreak of the war was the alliance system that wasRead MoreThe Causes Of The First World War1406 Words   |  6 PagesOption A: What in your view were the causes of the First World War? How have historians’ views on the war changed over time? Historical events are crucial in human thoughts since they understand themselves better in the present through analyzing their past occurrences. Historical events help us to know the causes of certain past events, therefore, making the cause to entail long-term ideology events and actions. Nevertheless, the causes of certain events may differ depending on the scale of historyRead MoreCauses of the First World War1164 Words   |  5 PagesWorld War I Essay When a nation’s hunger for power and control become too great, the nation may be pushed to do things that may have harsh consequences. This was the case in the early 1900’s when the world engaged in its first major global military conflict. There were a number of causes of the First World War; due to the Treaty of Versailles, Germany accepted full responsibility for the war. Although the Germans had a large contribution in starting the war, they should not be fully heldRead MoreWeapons of the First World War698 Words   |  3 Pages Research Overview of WW1 Weapons During World War I many new kinds of weapons and technology were invented and improved. Some of these weapons included tanks, chemical and biochemical weapons, grenades, and machine guns. Chemical Warfare was used for the first time on a large scale in World War I. There are two main types of chemical warfare, one affects the surface of the body they come in contact with and the other affects the nervous system. Almost all chemical warfare weapons needed to beRead MoreThe First World War I1305 Words   |  6 PagesJahnecke Mrs. Schartner U.S. History 2 AP/IB 19 October 2015 Unit 3 Notebook Essay The First World War fought from 1914 to 1918 was one of the largest and most brutal catastrophes fought in the 20th century. With nearly the entire European continent fighting a barbaric and everlasting war, the U.S. had eventually to get involved in order to reinitiate stability to Europe. Ultimately, the U.S. taking involvement in World War I had a profound political, economic, and social impact on the country. It increasedRead MoreOrigins of the First World War1435 Words   |  6 PagesThe First World War was an international conflict which erupted in July 1914 involving various nations across the world. Many historians and those who have studied the Great War tend to give varied opinions as to what initially sparked the outbreak. However, although these opinions between researchers differ, they do all tend to revolve around the hostility between the great powers of Europe, the violent assassination of the Austro-Hungarian Archduke Franz Ferdinand, and the controversial piecesRea d MoreThe Causes Of The First World War1395 Words   |  6 PagesThe causes of the First World War were similar and differed from the causes of the Second World War politically, economically, and socially. Both of these significant, historical events were substantially affected by the interaction of dominating societies during this time period. During the First World War, these leading societies were the European authorities of Britain, Germany, and Austria, with slight assistance from the U.S. However, the United States allocated their full engagement duringRead MoreThe Catalyst for the First World War1679 Words   |  7 PagesThe origins of the First World War are diverse, complicated and widely debated among historians, especially concerning the liability of Germany. Between 1871 and 1914, there are several elements that have contributed to destabilize the balance of European powers. Imperialism adopted by European countries, especially in Africa, the rise of Germany, which bui ld up the development of alliances between States and the expansion of nationalist movements are the main elements. 1) Germany, a new European

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Tiananmen Square Massacre free essay sample

During the time prior to the infamous June 4 Massacre in Tiananmen Square China, there were numerous events in which provoked political tension and ultimately stimulated the massacre itself. These events date back to Hu Yaobangs death followed by the AFS seven requests, Deng Xiaopings editorial, the student hunger strike, Mikhail GorbacheVs visit to China and the imposed martial law causing the tragic massacre. The Chinese Government, citizens, students, PLA and even some foreign Journalists were impacted by these primary incidents to a great extent. April 15 1989, is the date of Hu Yaobangs death and historically the day which changed the lives of thousands of Chinese people forever. Hu Yaobang was a progressive man of moderate ideals who was pushing towards the freedom of dialogue and media. Hu was considered a traitor by the CPC as he did not uphold Maoist Ideology; however he was a hero to the majority of students and intellectuals who favoured democratic ideals. We will write a custom essay sample on Tiananmen Square Massacre or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Many students, intellectuals and even civilians were greatly impacted as they were discomforted by the lack of respect by the Government who made subdued funeral arrangements. So in response, 200,000 students had defied a ban to carry out a demonstration of mourning for Yaobang. In addition, they had delivered a petition to the Premier of the Politburo Standing Committee, Li Peng and demanded that the Government reassess his legacy. After such a successful demonstration at Yaobangs mourning which was not acted against by the Government, many students became aware of the potential of their large mass and its capabilities, and hence the death of Hu Yaobang was respectively the spark of a fire for the many Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 which would soon have a large- cale impact on the whole of China. The senior comrades are getting worried. l The student demonstrations had a minor impact on the CPC as they became somewhat concerned, not wanting them to escalate into anything bigger or continue on for any longer. The Autonomous Federation of Students was quickly growing in population as many students Joined by their own will. The AFS had seven imperative requests: re- evaluate Hu Yaobangs achievements and mistakes, completely denounce the Anti- Spiritual Pollution Campaign and the Anti Bourgeois Liberalisation Campaign, allow ree press and freedom of speech, disclose the income of the leaders and their families, cancel the ten 1987 Beijing Municipal Regulations against demonstrations, increase spending for education and improve living standards for intellectuals, and lastly to truthfully report the memorial activities. These requests were often demanded and chanted at the student demonstrations that were growing in size and frequency, up until the June 4 Massacre. The CPC were impacted exceedingly by these ongoing demonstrations as Xiaoping had described the protesters as, picking up the bowl to eat meat, and putting it down to curse their Mother. 2 During the non- violent demonstrations, hundreds of thousands of people in the square screamed out, Deng Xiaoping retire! 3 Again, the Government were increasingly impacted as they harshly replied with, We are dealing with the dregs ot society and a gang ot rebels who want to subvert our country. 4 The demonstrations and the initial seven requests were evidently impacting drastically on the Government and the students, but what about the civilians? Workers out on the streets transportation out of whack. 5 Of course civilians also were affected by these events as stated by Shangkun; even the public transport was out of order. Deng Xiaoping strongly belie ved that the student demonstrations, threatened to throw China into political turmoil. 6 as he repetitiously highlighted this in the April 26 editorial condemning the Tiananmen Square protesters.

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The Employment Discrimination Against Muslims at Work Places

Managing diversity is acknowledging the differences in people and taking them as valuable. Doing this helps in enhancing good managerial practices through avoiding discrimination and promoting inclusiveness. It is not given for good management to help someone in working effectively with diverse work force. In addition, there is difficulty in understanding the significance of diversity in a given area of specialization in management.Advertising We will write a custom assessment sample on The Employment Discrimination Against Muslims at Work Places specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Achieving excellence through diversity is one of the crucial goals. Diversity is a vital resource and can be defined as the human qualities that are different from our own. In other words, they are human features which are new to the social group we belong to. However, it is not unusual to find some of these features in another group. Diversity has many as pects or dimensions. It includes elements such as ethnicity, gender, age, ancestry, physical disabilities/abilities, religious beliefs, geographical location, income, educational background among others. To reduce employment discrimination against Muslims at work places there are several ways to go about it. These ways are discussed here in through examples. Taking an example of ABC, a Muslim who wears religious attire and applies for a position in a certain work place, but the employer fears that the attire may make the customers uncomfortable. From a labour rights stand point, the employer should not deny ABC that opportunity because of her religious affiliations. Discrimination in hiring of services due to religious background is unlawful. Also taking an example of Mohammad an Arab American taking complains to his manager that one of his work mates Bill harasses him. Bill insults him and intentionally embarrasses him in front of customers claiming that he is not competent. To sol ve this matter, Mohammad’s manager should relay his complain to the right manager if he is not in charge of Bill. If Bill is then found guilty, a disciplinary action should be taken against him. And in order to curb the recurrence of the harassment the disciplinary action taken against the offender should be stern enough to deter a repeat of the same.Advertising Looking for assessment on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More In the back ground religious accommodation, four of the employees approaches their supervisor and make a request to be allowed to be praying in the conference hall. Previously, employees were at liberty to pray at their respective working stations. Solving their case as the employer, he should work closely with the employees. This should lead to finding an appropriate accommodation to meet the needs of the employees without causing inconveniences. However, when there is business to be carried out in the hall, the employer reserves the right to refute its use for private purposes like holding prayers by the workers. Jeddah a clerical worker wears head scarf according to the Muslim beliefs. Jeddah has been put under a long-term assignment with one of the JKLTemps. One of the customers has demanded that Jeddah be informed that when she is working front desk she should not put on her head scarf or else someone should take up her position. Her attire is in contrast with the client’s expected dress code thus it presents a wrong image. For diversity, JKL may not comply with the request made by the client. In addition, making Jeddah put aside her head scarf or change her duties will amount into violation of the law by the client. The service provider JKL in the other hand should strongly not advocate for the action. Customer preference should not establish unnecessary suffering. The client should make an exemption regarding its dress code to allow Jeddah put on h er head scarf as a religious accommodation. Incase the client fail to withdraw the request, Jeddah should be assigned another job and be paid at the same rate and JKL fail to assign another employee to the client. Here is another example of Anwar whose origin is Egypt. He applies for a post to work as a security guard with ABC Corp a security company which offers services mainly at government buildings. The issue here is whether Anwar needs to be investigated about his background before he is hired. There is every possibility that he will be subjected to the usual traditional pre-employment security checks. Occassionary though ABC does not carry out background scrutiny in a discriminatory way. The company may demand for a security clearance in accordance to the federal statutes regulating the hiring of security officers.Advertising We will write a custom assessment sample on The Employment Discrimination Against Muslims at Work Places specifically for you for only $16 .05 $11/page Learn More In other cases turban and religious sword have very high chances to promoting discrimination and discomfort. Sikh women mostly have their hair uncut and it is covered with scarves. Practicing Jews at time may put on a skullcap constantly. Some Jews don’t put on clothes that mix linen and wool. This might compromise employers to accommodate their use alternative suppliers for the uniforms. Rastafarians have their hair in deadlocks and this may also require accommodation. Diversity of beliefs among religions lies in either allowing ordination of women as clergy or allowing them to hold leadership positions. Religious organizations area also included certain laws that prohibit discrimination. Catholics and Baptists in United States don’t allow women serving in highest leadership positions. In addition there are other religious groups that don’t allow women to serve as clergy and they include Orthodox Judaism and the church of God in Christ. Even after bans on women clergy in some organizations, in others women are ordained. The religious organizations that allow women to be ordained are Episcopalian, Presbyterian and Methodist. Several strategies can be applied in managing diversity in a workplace. There is need to emphasize specialization of skills in order to enable workers to work effectively in a job environment that is endowed with diversity. Also, one should make sure that good faith efforts are applied so as to lead in recruiting a diverse applicant pool, especially underutilized minorities and women. In addition one should focus on the requirements needed in an interview. Assessing experience and also considering transferable skills and demonstrated competences is also very crucial. These skills include analytical, organizational communication, and coordination skills. It is noteworthy that past experience does not always lead to efficiency or excellent performance on a new job or position. One s hould also use a panel interview format and should run questions and process by them. This will ensure that the issue of unintentional or institutional bias does not occur. It is crucial to make sure that suitable accommodations are put in place for disabled applicants. Finally, one should recognize his own cultural biases. Individuals should make efforts to find out the kind of stereotypes they have towards pother people and groups. They should also consider their preferred communication style. 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