Thursday, September 26, 2019

Tourism in California and the Environmental Concerns Essay

Tourism in California and the Environmental Concerns - Essay Example Initially, people were inspired by the California dream and left their assets behind and started their journey in search of California they dreamt off. When they reached there, they had to face despair and disappointment as things were not as they perceived it to be. These people then had to go back without any memories or anything to show; at times people did not even reach back safely. The image of California being extravagant and adored is fairly a very recent picture and if one goes in depth of it then there's a very deep history attached to it. The present state of California is because of the hard work and efforts of the miners who were in search of the California dream. Through their struggle, California has been founded And has been transforming its state resulting in the steady ongoing of the heritage of this dream. California dream is not just about this place but it contains an amalgamation of the people and the dream which they are living. This dream is not just about the positives aspects of California but it also contains many different puzzles that need to be fit together in order to see this dream turn to reality. California is a hub of activities with various opportunities that bring numerous opportunities and hence guarantees a successful way to lead a life for all those who reside in California. It is also known as a place where the sun is endless. California is about hard work, efforts, beauty, beautiful tanned women, bright sunny days, and breezy nights. California is one of the most densely polluted countries of the world. Pollution has literally damaged the entire state in such a way that its impact is very obvious. Tourism is an essential part of the California economy. California is one of those countries that are a major tourist attraction; California has the honour of housing the home of all legendary actors that is Hollywood. From amazing shopping malls to Hollywood and an amazing blend of various restaurants, California offers every thing that a tourist wants during vacations. Tourism in California is very expensive.

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