Friday, September 13, 2019

The Career Opportunities in Various Fields and the Rise of Wealthy Essay

The Career Opportunities in Various Fields and the Rise of Wealthy Businessmen - Essay Example Getting a dream job is one of the many dreams of any undergraduate student. It is for such aspirations that people often pursue studies as undergraduate students in order to realize such dreams. However, pursuing undergraduate studies alone does not merit one to be qualified to chase their dream jobs. It is important for such students to understand the challenges one may expect in such careers. In our case, we shall be analyzing the challenges that affect modern careers and how their impact on our dream job. Additionally, we shall take a brief look in the dynamics of a managerial career in the twenty-first century and try to understand how they too can impact on our career choices. There is a tremendous change in management over the past several years. These dynamics have been brought about by changes in our work environment. In the past, managers had a daunting task or controlling their enterprises due to their complex nature and shrewd leadership styles. In most cases, the managers were the actual owners of the businesses he managed. However, a lot has changed in the 21st century. Managers now have to deal with a completely different work environment unlike before. To begin with, they need to undergo a rigorous training and recruitment exercise so as to determine if they are up to the task before-hand. Additionally, the burden of managers has been reduced through the introduction of assistants and other team leaders. These individuals work under the overall manager and report to him directly. Another important aspect to consider is the advancement of technology.

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