Thursday, September 12, 2019

The darling by chekhov anton Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

The darling by chekhov anton - Research Paper Example She is not afraid to love though loss brings her terrible pain. She is keen on being loved and admired by her male counterparts. The readers cannot help but feel sympathy for Olga, however, they also grow irritable of the fact that she does not stay firm on opinions and changes her perspectives with the people she meets and falls in love with. The story being set in a period when women were submissive to males and patriarchy echoed off the walls of every house, it is only obvious that the readers would agree with her character. However, they would feel a little disrespect for her as she does not have any opinions of her own. The story begins with a scene in which Kukin, a theatre owner, who stays at Olga’s lodge, complains about the rain always ruining the number of patrons to be present for his shows. She starts liking him and as â€Å"his misfortunes touched her; she grew to love him† (Chekov 1899). This happens only after her father dies. So it can be seen that when she does not have her father to love anymore, that is when she falls in love with Kukin. She loses her father and is left with only material elements of life. She yearns for male affection and she sees the potentiality in Kukin and soon marries him. Olga marries him and does all the help she can like settling accounts. She adopts his love and passion towards the theatre and becomes one with him. Like Kukin she hates the fact that the public do not appreciate theatre as an art and ignore it like it means nothing (Chekov 1899). Her husband however happens to go to Moscow â€Å"to collect a new troupe† and is held back f or some reason (Chekov 1899) He telegrams her that he will be back during Easter. However she receives a telegram one day informing about his death and she is not able to bear the fact that she is left alone in this world. She does not have anyone to love or be loved

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