Monday, September 23, 2019

How the media programs present important political issues Essay

How the media programs present important political issues - Essay Example Through the media networking capabilities, new information can rapidly be disseminated through the broadcasts as compared to the traditional mass media. These shows allow particularly politicians to develop individualized and personalized campaigns, of which are more or less detached from the party’s campaign.They also allow candidates and their political parties to inform citizens directly unlike the past when they used to be the agency to critique, mediate, and interpret on their behalf. Although many citizens have access to radio and T.V, many use them for entertainment purposes. Even if they listen or watch these shows, they tend to already have an initial interest in politics, the politician or the party. These therefore make the programs to get interrupted to satisfy these needs by following these shows with entertainment and social utility programs. In a bout of these shows from the different media outlets, the popular topics of discussion within the politics field include areas such as the Congress, election issues, presidential job approvals, taxes, political parties, moral issues and favorability and very little will be discussed about the economic status of the country even though this is the major concern amongst viewers and listeners. A major study conducted by Joan Shorenstein Center on Press, public policy and Politics found that the level of peoples knowledge about candidates position rose and fell later was based on the degree at which these media shows covered important issues .

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