Monday, September 9, 2019

Critically assess Wildavskys theory of the two presidencies Essay

Critically assess Wildavskys theory of the two presidencies - Essay Example The papers will critically asses Wildavsky’s theory with regard to the presidencies of President Franklin, D. Roosevelt, President George W. Bush and President Bill Clinton to establish whether foreign and domestic policies operate as dichotomies or they operate in reciprocity. The American politics has always been characterized by critical analysis of the policies adopted by presidents and how these policies impact on the values, beliefs and perception of the American people. The way the Americans perceive the policies usually determine the popularity of presidents and whether they will only rule for one term or two terms. A retrospective analysis on the approaches taken by American presidents reveals that there exists a dichotomy in relation to how American presidents shuffle their political cards in their bid to push forwards certain agendas that they deem important for the American nation. The Dichotomy is clearly brought out in Wildavsky’s theory of Two Presidencie s.

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