Thursday, August 22, 2019

Problem of Brain Drain Essay Example for Free

Problem of Brain Drain Essay Good Morning maam, and Hello to my friends. let me tell about my topic, its the problem of brain drain. The stupidity by Albert Einstein can be related with my topic. Before starting, my friends, i want to know, how many of you want to go to US, Canada, UK, France, or any other developed country. And how many of you have made up mind to stay there if you could? Thats good you are aware about Human Capital Flight and most of you want to stay here and serve your country. But or, This was a obvious result. i can you tell why? This phenomenon is what called brain drain or human capital flight. Like you,  Every year 250,000 youth are reported to leave the country for various reasons. And of them around fifty per cent of the 1,000 that graduate in medicine in Nepal each year leave to work abroad – permanently. They seek opportunities in its various manifestation — higher living standards, employment, better income, education, a luring western lifestyle, stability and security. Like you said. The list shows everything our country is incapable of providing to the youth. Hence, it is not surprising, if i say, that 556 youth leave the country to go across the seas in a given day. How many of them return to their homeland? The inflow number is almost negligible. This is where the use of word brain drain comes. â€Å"Brain drain† as defined by Britannica is departure of educated or professional people from one country, usually for better pay or living conditions†. Because if it, Nepal is losing a significant proportion of its intellectuals. Also, that the country loses workers and the money it put into training them in college, and the money often put for the health and safety of citizen. Majority has migrated to USA, UK or Australia. Also, the skilled working youth have left for Gulf countries to do labour work. Qualified farmers have been vanished to the third world. Than what to do? Before that, i want to inform you that, developed country who are getting these people are benefited because of brain gain. Why US had land on mars? Here are some reason related to this topic: it has the world’s most intelligent and creative minds collected from every corner. because best universities of the world are there in US due to which people go there for study and quality, and settle there. moreover the universities gives scholarship to attract the sharp and intellectual minds by which we all are easily attracted. Talents play important roles in helping a country develop. Different areas and nations have distinct policies to retain skilled workers due to the different national or regional situation. in African countries, the health systems have been severely affected by brain drain, so various measures have been suggested and tried to limit the migration of health workers to rich countries. In Kuwait, people have argued the country should cultivate a sense of security and hope among the elite to curb brain drain because people are not so confident of their countries future. China tries to create a normal and free atmosphere and mechanism that would help talents flourish. And in India, although suffering severe brain drain every year, the Indian government has not to adopted strict policies because they believe that the overseas talent will eventually contribute to the nation in the future. so lets all of us stay in our own motherland to serve here and make gold from it. i am sure i am staying in Nepal and help develop, grow and prosper my country.

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