Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Managerial Decision Making Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Managerial Decision Making - Essay Example Retribution: The first R is by far the most detrimental; the managerial application of retribution is little more than threatening. Managers in some situations resort to direct threats of punishment to create coercion. They may also utilize indirect threat’s to create an implied rather than stated punishment or coercion; this is a common form of intimidation. The major pros to utilizing retribution are the immediate effect and delivery of the manager’s task as specified. On the Con side retribution almost always creates resistance, resentment, & alienation. It also within the organization stifles innovation. Effective managers should very rarely resort to retribution as a tool; it should be reserved for crisis situations where direct action is required. Reciprocity: By definition reciprocity is nothing more than compliance by satisfying the needs of both parties. Reciprocity allows the manager to get results without creating resentment. The major pros revolve around mutual benefit. This enables the manager to achieve objectives without having to bargain or justify the objective with the employee. The Cons are the very basic prerequisite of trust and the inevitable negotiation process with the employee. From the stand point of the organization reciprocity undercuts group commitment. From the management standpoint it takes time to initialize and cannot be used effectively in a crisis situation. Reason: Reason creates a rational articulation of the management concept; subordinates recognize the value of the plan and are more supportive and positive about the manager’s task. The pros are seen as a higher group compliance and greater commitment to team principle. While reason is the most positive management tool it takes the longest period to initialize and requires the cohesion of a unified group trust and belief in the individual manager. Superiors usually rate managers that utilize reason as highly effective. Unfortunately,

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