Thursday, August 22, 2019

Interview Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Interview - Essay Example People seeking legal advice from the lawyers will feel secure since civility was being portrayed by the lawyers (Robinson, 2004). What are the opportunities to exercise civility in your daily life, such as at work or at home? The way we treat each other is what matters to determine civility. Civility is accompanied first politeness, this is a manner in which carries himself in the occasion that he or she is seeking for assistance. For instance, assuming one is the receptionist, a client approaches him or her to seek for guidance on a certain issue. The first thing one should do is greeting the client making him or her feel that at home, the client may annoy in the sense that he or she may be abusive or nagging, but remember the receptionist should understand and maintain high levels of politeness thus sending a positive signal, and marketing the institution as one which deals with clients in a polite manner (Robinson, 2004). The other aspect of civility is etiquette, this applies in working environment and a in home set up. One should learn to apologize if he or she has wronged, the simple worlds of am sorry and I apologize may mean a lot in this situation. In the working environment etiquette may be inform of dressing, work ethics treating of clients and facial expression. The first issue will be all about dressing, it should reflect ones character in that being well groomed will show ones seriousness in dealing with matters in hand. Also about work ethics, one should know the set procedures, for instance gossiping while a client is waiting to be served is unacceptable. One should keep in mind that working hours are different from resting hours. The word civility is used by different organization so as to enhance client confident. the all issue of one being civil is a matter of public relation in that how you deal with clients in a more friendly and professional way. The last one is all about facial expressions in that ones look portrays ones character, a smil e may hide a lot, you may be having a rough day with you boss or disagreed with a college at work, this should remain in a matter of the company , if a client approaches you for assistance you should not portray what you have been through rather show high levels of professionalism . In a home set up civility is all about being apologetic and respecting each other. A family that is built on the grounds of civility is bound to last. Respect entails both the parents and the children in that it should be mutual. Issues arising and family disputes should be dealt with in a civil manner. This entails calling for a family meeting in which the matter in hand will be resolved. Matters to do with the adults, that is the parents should be dealt with in secrete rather than in front of the children (Robinson, 2004). If there is one thing that defines a person who is civil, what would it be? Respect is what defines a person who is civil. If at one learns to show respect in all aspect then civilit y will be a daily occurrence. This means that respecting ones duties, if one is assigned certain duties they should be performed heartedly. This will ensure one conducts him or her self performed according the laid down procedure which are laid on the basis of civility. Also if one respect the other person he should be polite to him which is an aspect in civility. I a family set up; respect ensures the family stays at bay. This is respect brushes out the issue of conflict and quarrels, the domestic

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