Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Case Study 1 (Stage 1) Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

1 (Stage 1) - Case Study Example Enterprise Resource Planning systems entail packages which use interpersonal technological database in integrating numerous units of information in an organization. (Hachani,n.d.). ERP systems are recognized as software’s that deliver modules which are isolated but integrated. This is easily connected and mounted through packages for various organizations. It is evident that majority of companies use separate and different information systems since they merge with different companies which have acquired varied systems. The main reason as to why the BP Company can develop ERP systems is because they are fond of integrating distinct information systems hence resulting to enhanced data reliability and processing productivity. In the past ERP systems were only associated with big companies which wanted to integrate their businesses but currently even the micro companies have emerged to use the systems. The popularity of ERP systems and its outstanding success owes to its ability to advance customer service, simplification of business transactions and elimination of work that has little value. Research indicates that other information systems have been rendered obsolete and outdated since the introduction of ERP systems. The main challenge to having an ERP system installed in our company is the cost which is roughly $100,000,000 so as to implement a larger ERP system to contain the organization’s needs. Nevertheless, the system is significant and capable of providing benefits that would improve the quality of information thus creating way for good management decisions at the BP Company for ideal business operations. Grid computing is a collection of computers put together to form a particular task so as to achieve a common goal. Alternatively, grid computing is a system that applies the use of several computers to form a network to solve a problem which may

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