Thursday, June 6, 2019

Working time Essay Example for Free

Working duration EssaySummary In this case, it describes what happened to a graduate of a prestigious business school during his time of work in the auditing division of Greenspan Company. The graduates name is, Bill Church, the situation is that he was relocated along with his family from the Mid-west to the East Coast. There he bought a home, a second car and did not worry about overextending financially because the go with had huge plans for him. After months into the job Bill realized that he was works otiose hours and the company did not want clients billed for extra hours and that he needed to be more efficient. Now Bill was curious and convey a co-worker, Ann, how she get so efficient in auditing client records. Ann explained that she had the same paradox a few years ago, besides that she succeeded by not righteous being efficient but by doing what is needed to get ahead. She said that everyone needs to be Eating time, which meant not reporting all the hours requir ed to go off a project and that would make everyone look good as a group. Bill then thought of going to ask the division manager for advice, but had only met Ann once and did not know anything about her.Questions Question1 What should Bill do? Answer Bill should blow the whistle in his organization that some hatful are eating time rather than give full hours on his/her project. Question 2 Describe the process through which Bill might look for to resolve his dilemma. Answer There are few processes or options through which Bill might resolve his dilemma. First he should not put the overtime and work efficient as possible in his allotted time. Once management ask him why he is not doing well then that will be his to explain his dilemma.Second he has another option to resolve his dilemma by telling the problem direct to the manager. Question 3 opine the impact of this companys approach on young accountants. How could working long hours be an ethical problem? Answer For the young ac countant, long working hours are not having a good impact on them. As it affects the courage of the employees and doesnt help in motivating them, for such type of companys approach long working hours can cause some health issues and risk of job injury. The other thing is that, as the Bill faces the problem the other accountants will face the same problem.

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