Tuesday, June 18, 2019

IBM as the heartbeat of e-business Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

IBM as the heartbeat of e-business - Essay ExampleNext, listen to responses to the ideas presented. The vision may miscellanea to include some of the thinking from the employees and other corporations. In the sequence follows reshaping the vision by including the specific details that will give a responsive day-to-day meaning to the organization. That includes elaborating the steps on how to achieve the vision. It states clearly how the changes will transpire. It will push the people to be part of the technology that would revolutionize the world.The leaders are communicating the vision need to be courageous to communicate what is unjust and wrong. That is sometimes very difficult, but the people will definitely see the virtue in what you are saying.On open standards, IBM faced the challenge of using the internet as a proprietary sole technology and thus to substantiate an advantage over the other competitors they opted to use it to respond to needs of their clients thus giving them an advantage (Smh.com.au).IBM also sought to advocate for services that could run on a neutral platform. That faces the challenge of more investment that is more costly and may need extra labor to leverage the technology. Further, the cost of carrying out the question may be expensive especially the infrastructure. As a result, the expected cost may not be as lower as expected. invest in the Global market has the challenge of diversity in clients needs, approach, and mode of language. That requires IBM to invest in diverse human resource and delivery of content in various forms to suit diverse needs.

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