Monday, June 10, 2019

Law, Globalisation & Ethics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Law, Globalisation & Ethics - Essay ExampleWith the world becoming a global village and globalisation is a common phenomenon, in that location is a complete need for the strengthening of the law and order in the society and also the society becoming ethical in its approach. With the increase of globalisation the rate of natural calamities on the world has also increased, and it has become a tremendous problem for the sustenance of mankind. It has even a long term put up on those who shed survived from such deadly event. It is almost impossible to prevent such happenings but what can be possible is to soothe the life of the victims who have been affected by such events. This can only be d star through the constant effort of the law and ethical orientation of the society. And it has to take tramp not only from the affected place but also from the entire world, which is actually the true meaning of globalisation (Sayles, 2008).UKs International Search and economy Team is a special team which has been successful in many life saving operations throughout the world. It is been operating since the year 1967. To undertake delivery missions both in United Kingdom a well as abroad, it is registered under the British Government, the United Nations Secretariat (INSARAG) and even with the International Civil denial Organisation.In all major events ranging from floods, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, war and missile attacks, the team has been constantly beside the victims. The teams have supported such victims in all possible delegacy they could have done. They have saved thousands of life in such misfortune events. With the growing dangers even there is a growing need of such volunteers to be part of the international rescue missions. But it should also be checked that the law and the ethical conditions permit to such situations (British Civil Defence, n.d.).The fire department is one such department that has been one of the most valiant departments fighting with all odds to save the life of several people

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