Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Think Pink -The Musical and its Mise-en-Scene Essay

Think Pink -The Musical and its Mise-en-Scene - Essay ExampleThe medicational art is a complete cinematography of the polar sociological issues in the subdued tone with a zephyr of medicamental instruments. This extremely stylish piece of art is the mixture of quake and Roll, soft and classical music. This classical Hollywood rejoicing filmmaking, in the name of sociological and ideological movement against drugs, during 50s and 60s, truly played its role in the musical reformation. This revolutionary piece of art, later set trends for different genres and established a foundations for multiple institutions in the society. The musician Twink, has contributed many other genres in this regard, which shows his level interest in this dimension. Twink, is basic each(prenominal)y an English Drummer, song source and singer. He began his career in 1963 as with a band. Later, he had given few arts and musical performances in 1964 and 1965. The Think Pink is his first aviate album with The Deviants, produced by Mick Farren . He started his work in the wake of psychedilc music movement to set new trend in the field of music genres. His contribution and ideology behind his work, also reflects his social ambitions behind his artistic efforts. He started his band with the name of The Fairies, later he joind the rythem and blues/soul music band, known by the name of In-Crowd. After few months the same band renamed as Tomorrow. Apart from music, Twink, is also a very good and talented role player also. Twink has truly gives one of his remarkable and outstanding performance in this unique work. His stylish blend of mixing east and west to highlight socilogical issues in the background of this musical film is unmatched.This film projects the sociological and emotional intensity, through the sound into the soul of the present pop genre environment. It brings the blend of different music styles, some(prenominal) eastern and western, along with the different themes and m elodious classical tracks. The 37 Minutes and 37 seconds, film clearly portrays the new revolutionary sense of music. The music is simple, thematic, rhythmical and beautifully composed. The lyrics are very well written. The film has tried its level best to impart the sociological awareness and food for the relaxation of minds. Twink has composed all the tracks, with the help of Took. The musical film is composed of ten tracks including The coming of the Other One (Twink) - 223, Ten Thousand Words in a artificial Box (Twink/Wood) - 431, Dawn of Majic (Twink) - 143, Tiptoe on the Highest Hill (Twink) - 523, Fluid (Twink) - 404, Mexican Grass War (Twink) - 529, Rock and Roll the Join (Twink) - 246, Suicide (Twink) - 426, Three Little Piggies (Took/Twink) - 315, The Sparrow Is a Sign (Took/Twink) - 223. The tracks depicts the different musical styles apply various musical instruments like Drums, Keyboards, Guitars etc in order to highlight social awarness in the elegant and unique sty le. In addition to that, the tracks also project the awarness on the dark side of social problems like drugs and suicide. The tracks are manifested with unique and stylish mixture of music instruments to influence the minds of the audience. The tracks also used beautiful and thought agitative lyrics, which induce the audience to relax and enjoy

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