Sunday, February 23, 2020

Politics since Movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Politics since - Movie Review Example But America feels that while Iran’s help was great in some fields, it lacked substantially in others. The US believes that Usama bin Laden2 and other important leaders of Al-Qaeda escaped to Iran. Therefore, they demanded Iran to turn them over for investigation but Iran denied their presence in their country which is not believed by the US. Things took a pivotal turn from then on. George W. Bush3 called Iran a member of the Axis of evil4. This caused Iran to stop their supportive role in Iraq. There were a huge number of protests in Iran against America. Their national flag was disrespected and trampled on. George Bush was burned in effigy on several occasions. Mohammad Ali Abtahi5 calls this one of the biggest political blunders of George Bush. Iran was branded as a terrorist nation at a very crucial time by the US. Such remarks are an attack on the nobility and pride of a nation and any country in the world would have responded in a similar way. The US efforts to install democracy in Iraq have served the Iranian interest according to US because of the fact that Iran wanted Saddam Hussein6 to fall. The army that Iran fought for 8 years was subdued in just a few weeks as a result of US invasion of Iraq. For US, this is a great benefit to Iran but Iran is not content with just that. Iran indeed wanted Saddam to fall but not the way he did. For them, one enemy is replaced by an even bigger enemy. They are worried about the US encirclement of Iran. US efforts of democracy in Iraq mean the creation of a Puppet State controlled by the US. Iran also feels that it has been a home outside home for many Iraqi politicians through history. Therefore, they have a right to be consulted when a new government is being set up in Iraq. Iran helped to get the votes out in the first elections and many of their allies were elected in southern Iraq. Iran wanted participation in the overthrowing of

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