Friday, February 7, 2020

Auto Purchase Worksheet Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Auto Purchase Worksheet - Essay Example   With all these basic points in my mind I have now prepared a list of three cars which I found to be matching with my requirement ideas. These three cars are Honda accord, Toyota Camry and Nissan  maxima. Undoubtedly, there are some crucial factors that are influencing my decision making. Firstly, my financial status to buy a car is confined within a budget of $20,000 including the bank interest of 4.5 percent by the bank; hence I cannot cross this limit. Optionally, I can buy a car from a private party if it offers a good deal. Secondly, I have to sell my existing car to the dealer or a private party and use the money in a new deal.   Now I am preparing worksheet making it easier for me to compare, calculate and finally decide to buy a particular car.   My research worksheet goes like this.   Through this research I could assume a comparative calculation of the prices of these cars along with the mileage differences.  Here I found dealer’s trade bit costly than the private parties. Take for example Mr. Bill Jones’s Toyota Camry costing $16000. Well it seems to be a good deal than the Highway dealers cost of $20,000. But when I noticed Mr. Bills Camrys mileage I realized that 30259 kilometers is to high mileage. No doubt I am buying a used car but at least its mileage should be below 20,000 kilometers. Frankly saying throughout the worksheet I found Highway dealers Honda Accord to be the best one costing $18000 and my second option is Mrs. Anna Jones Nissan Maxima costing $17000. Though the mileage is bit higher but I liked the condition of the car as it is used single handedly. There are two more conditions that are important for me to consider before the final decision. Firstly, I want to buy the car in a bank loan Finance and pay in monthly installments and secondly, I want to trade in my existing car in the new deal. To solve this

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