Saturday, October 12, 2019

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Students and Teachers Teachers and their students. When a person hears these words they think of a classroom and usually nothing more. The classroom, though, is only part of a student and their teacher. One might question, do they talk to each other outside of class? Do the students even like their teacher? Do their feelings about their teacher interfere with their willingness to learn? In response to the last question†¦YES! In my study of Mrs. M and Mr. B’s second hour English 10 class I noticed that there is a direct connection between students feelings of their teacher and their opinion of class. The site that I chose to observe was Capac Jr./Sr. High School located in Capac, Michigan. Honorable D.J. Walker developed the Capac school system in 1857, only 78 days after the town itself was founded. Until the year 1907, there were no 12th grade graduations in Capac. The current high school was built in the year 1931. In 1977 there were 24 rooms and a new gymnasium were added to the high school. In 1997 there was another wing added. This school includes five grades total (8-12), with 692 enrolled in Fall 2001. Capac High has four â€Å"wings†. These separate the classes and departments so that the science, English and math classes are in the same area. The wings are divided into 100s, 200s, 300s and 400s. Three of these sections are connected by one long corridor and the 400s wing is connected to the building by the 300 wing. The 400 classrooms are mainly for the junior high students so that they have a feeling of separation from the higher grades. The eighth g raders spend some of their time during the day in the main part of the school, but no other grades enter the eighth grade wing for classes. The specific class that I observed was Mrs. M and Mr. B’s classroom, room 112. This classroom is not large. It is, similar to the other classes in the school building, just the right size. The student’s desks face east, while the teachers’ desks face south. On the main wall (the east wall) is the dry-erase board. Every day the board has class assignments written on it, so the students know what to expect.

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