Saturday, October 5, 2019

Exhibitions of Kiki Smith in Brooklyn Museum Essay

Exhibitions of Kiki Smith in Brooklyn Museum - Essay Example During the exhibition, Smith displayed her artworks such as the Walking Puppet. She further displayed the Installation image of major Henry Trippe House Chamber Room during the 2010 exhibition. In 2005, Smith was elected to American Academy of Arts and Letters in New York. Smith currently lives in New York and the Pace Gallery has represented her since 1994. She has been exhibiting annually since 1982 at Fawbush Gallery in New York. In 1990, she received acclamation for her exhibition at Museum of Modern Art, New York. She exploited the use of ceramic, fabric, paper, and glass for her work. Her work reflected the physiological and psychological body power. Smith’s first full-sized sculptures were stoic figures. The sculptures showed naked male and female couple. They exhibited leaking body fluids from both the figures. The figures also show human power and powerlessness through the presence of a blood pool. The sculptures present issues regarding sexuality and gender. Smith ha s produced many accolades. Her recent accolades include Theo Western Berger Women of Excellence Award in 2010, Nelson A. Rockefeller Award and Purchase School of Arts in 2010. She recently did work on U.S State Department Medal of Arts that was given by Hillary Clinton in 2012. In the year 2009, she finished her 50th Edward MacDowell Medal and Women in the Arts Award. Smith has several exhibitions. Her work has featured in the PACE gallery exhibition frequently. One such exhibition where her work featured was the FOG Design + Art Fair in 2015 in San Francisco. The exhibition explored spiritual aspect her work. Smith has a great relationship with Brooklyn Museum. The Brooklyn Museum has an important cultural institution in U.S. The Museum has a vast collection of Smith’s artistic work. Such work involves After Lewis Carroll of 2003, Lebbeus Woods of 2004, Logan Elm Press, and Universal Limited Arts Editions, Inc. among others.

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