Friday, July 26, 2019

Business Proposal Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Business Proposal - Essay Example New business developments have been shaping up, outdoing and replacing the old ways and bringing on board new ways of operations. With the help of Internet, consumers now can have much more choice for their shopping than was the case previously. It also changed enterprise’s business model, saving cost and more efficiency than before. Businesses enjoy the ease of making money and advertising because of going the e-way. Trading and information exchange is faster and the traditional business mode has had a complete revolution because of the e-business. More companies try to design a good e-business plan for survival in competition and many good samples lead the industry developing fast. E-business brings innovation to the otherwise normal business transactions leading to greater gains for the companies/businesses adopting it. E-commerce reduces cost, unnecessary value-added links and makes company respond directly to their customers. However, there are the set business ethics, co nducts and regulations that must apply even over the online business dealings. As one intends to venture into this kind of trade, specific procedures are bound to apply. Introduction: In order to add capacity or improve capabilities of functionality of an organization that deals with sale of books and such materials that can be converted into audio form, and having not to invest in new infrastructure, the emerging trend is in adopting the online strategy. It is a welcome to small businesses and such low capital ventures, which would be interested in extending the business operations across borders yet with low operating costs. It is most appropriate especially to avoid the extra high costs that are associated with setting up physical infrastructure at different geographical locations. It is also a business opportunity, which can be ventured into either privately or collaboratively (private hosting or public hosting). It has the basic advantage of not being limited by business hours and the purchase of goods the services can be done over 24 hours. However, operating an E-Commerce Website business faces the critical challenge in security matters where as a host, one must ensure the security and confidentiality of customers’ information in the highest levels possible besides putting into place reliable mechanisms to ensure ease of funds transfer. The industrial as well as scientific communities are seen to adopt E-Commerce Website offering such services as library services with conversion of hard copy books into the audio services with relatively high regard as the concept is receiving wide acknowledgement. The business sector has the main objectives of E-Commerce Website for audio books are to provide safe, fast and reliable library services over the internet connections. This critical niche provides a whole range of untapped potential in this era of technological advancement where merely all businesses are adopting information technology for the purposes of their operations. The concerns of

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