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Analyse Health Information Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Analyse Health Information - Assignment Example As damage increases, more of the lipoproteins accumulate in the intima causing atheroma. The condition worsens with time as more lipids accumulate even outside the macrophages, because of this; the macrophages stimulate production of collagen that covers the lipids making the streaks become fibrous. This weakens the endothelial wall causing ulcerations, platelets aggregations and formation of thrombus (Marieb, 2014). a.) Components of neurovascular observation. To conduct a neurovascular observation and make correct documentation, the components to assess are color and warmth, for which inspection of color and feeling for the warmth is dome. The temperatures are compared with the normal wrist; capillary refill is assessed by pressing the nail bed and assessing the time taken for blood to fill the capillaries, normal time is less than 3 seconds; pain score and joint movement are done to assess the extent of injury; peripheral sensation is also assessed to verify the presence or absence of nerve injury (Tollefson et al., 2012). To prepare the patient for x-ray, the nurse requires first to inform the client concerning the procedure so that they can make an informed decision. A signing of a written consent follows this. This must be documented in the patient file and signed. The patient is scheduled for x-ray at 9.15 am; the vital signs at this time indicate mild hyperthermia of 38.1Â °C and slight hyperventilation with a respiration rate of 25 breaths per minute. All other observations are within normal range. With an ADDS score of 2, the patient is not in an acute condition, and any nurse can escort him for the radiology test (Preece et al., 2010). With atheroma, blood clotting forms in the large vessels. This is due to platelets aggregation along the weakened portions of the endothelium. As the heart pumps blood around the body, the clots dislodge and are carried to other parts of the body. If the

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