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GMC, How it Influences Political Policies to Benefit Itself, Ehy This Essay

GMC, How it Influences Political Policies to Benefit Itself, Ehy This is Wrong and How to Prevent it - Essay ExampleHowever, there argon multiplication in which individual persons or large mountains can use their power to influence political policies in order to pull ahead themselves, especially monetaryly, at the expense of the public. Such people or corporations use coercion, incentives or their close relations to the government to influence the actions of others in the way they desire. An example of a large corporation that has influenced political policies for its own financial gain is GMC. GMC is an automobile attach to that manufactures vans, sport utility vehicles, military vehicles and trucks that are marketed in the Middle East and North America by General Motors. By 2007, the company was the second-largest vehicle-selling company in North America. One of the companys policies on corporate political expenditures and contributions is that the company whitethorn express it s views on particular public issues that are of greatness to the company. As authorised by the infirmity president through the Public Policy and Government Relations and permitted by the law1, company expenditures may be made to influence or inform voting on public policies that are of paramount importance to the business of the company, its stakeholders and employees (GMC 3). Acting on this policy, the company seems to get hold of gone to the extremes in 2010 to direct political actions for its financial gain at the expense of the American tax payers. The Chevy Volt story was brought to public solicitude as one of the biggest scandals for the Obama Administration. In this saga, GM used its close relations to the Obama administration to secure a tax payer funded subsidy to leverage and promote the production and sale of its unready-for-prime-time Chevy Volt gondola brand, a poorly-performing electric simple machine. The GM is a politically powerful UAW2. Modica (par 4) explain s that the Obama administration perpetuated a manipulated bankruptcy work at that openly favoured this politically powerful UAW financially over other classes. In the midst of this bankruptcy process, GMs Chevy Volt hype came to light as the public was presented with the so called green wonder-car that would benefit them. This explanation was then used to justify the use of $50,000 million worth of tax-payers money to surety out the company from its bankruptcy. The use of tax-payer money to subsidise the business activities of the company was therefore an added an insult to the deformity of the companys bankruptcy arrangement. Under this economy, many Americans cannot afford a new car and therefore, it would have been proper for the government to subsidise the production of goods that are of priority to the public. This shows that the government decision to commit in such a subsidy was a result of some form of undue influence from GM. consort to Ponick (par 9-2), the White House intends to increase government subsidies for the rich buyers of the Chevy Volt and other green engine room vehicles up to as much as $10,000 per buyer, of course, through the use of tax payers money3. An valuation of the situation reveals that to some extent, the company lied to the government and the public to win their support. Early claims about the car praised it as a pure electric vehicle that could secure the equivalent of 230 MPG. However, none of the two claims was true. At the same time, the Volt was also presented to the public as a vehicle that would be a delivery boy for the GM Company.

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